Restaurant Consultant Services

Our consultants provide our clients with the advice they need to
create, reposition, reinvigorate or turnaround their business and their brands.

New Restaurant

Restaurant Growth

Restaurant Turnaround

From inception to opening and everything in between, our restaurant consultants understand the entire scope of the project and the requirements to ensure profitability and maximize unit capability.

Across all styles and cuisines, providing A-Z assistance from the original idea all the way to the opening of a successful, profitable and turnkey unit leaving nothing to chance.
Assisting in the steps and requirements needed to grow profitably, combined with the systems to build a prototype to a national multi unit business model in an automated, efficient and profitable manner our consultants have grown units from 1-80.

Opening a single store restaurant vs opening a prototype for growth requires a unique skill set and back of house infrastructure that can be expanded based on replication.

Providing the steps and requirements needed to assist under performing restaurants faced with complex financial and/or operational issues to bring about immediate profitability or exit strategies.

Our consultants make swift concept modifications to drive profitability whilst managing the debt workout or other legal, taxation and historic issues associated with a distress location.

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OnSite 10 Day Restaurant Consultant Boot Camp designed to evaluate, audit, identify and report how you can save money, make money and deliver a customer demanded restaurant designed for growth.

The 10 Day Intensive provides an immediate ROI and answers to our restaurant customers who need assistance but not a long term engagement.

Restaurant Owners seeking to learn, understand and implement changes to deliver a more profitable product.
  Our clients range from small individual operators to multi-national chains all with the same requirements and same expectations of our consultants. Performance Based Results.

Congratulations to our client Eric Greenspan and his restaurant - The Foundry On Melrose for his win on Iron Chef America against Bobby Flay. An epic goose battle.

Congratulations to Iron Chef Morimoto & Schoos Design on the opening of Morimoto Napa and Waikiki.
  OnSite Consulting had the pleasure of working with Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares production to discuss some of the obstacles and challenges faced with turning a restaurant around.

The end result was that you can change a menu, change the color of your cushions and increase the quality and consistency of your food. However, if it is not done as part of an overall strategy then such changes only delay the inevitable and do not fix the core problem.

Unfortunately, restaurant science, labor analysis, yield management and organization do not make for compelling television but are a pre-requisite to overall success.  
  • Menu Planning, Development & Pricing
  • Systems, Processes and Automation
  • Beverage Management & Mixology planning
  • Existing restaurant concept redevelopment
  • Existing efficiency and yield management services
  • New Restaurant concept design & planning
  • New Restaurant business plan & financials
  • New location sourcing and lease negotiations
  • New design & kitchen planning
  • New Restaurant openings
  • Existing turnaround and distress management
  • Existing debt workout
  • Restaurant Growth, franchising & licensing
  • Interim Restaurant Management
Restaurant Distress & Debt Workout