With restaurants and other hospitality sites operating on slim margins and the constant increases in minimum wage, sales tax and raw materials; Operators must seek every avenue to reduce their expenditure and provide positive impact on the bottom line.

Cost Of Goods & Cost Of Operations makes up a significant portion of restaurant expenses and in addition to implementing protocols to minimize waste, using a par/yield inventory system and portion control an operator must look at other methods to reduce the price of purchasing.

Lower Your Cost Of Goods

The NPP Savings model is designed to allow all OnSite Clients to join a network and use the group purchasing power of each other to lower prices for restaurant purchasing.

NPP Savings LogoWith a purchasing volume in excess of $21mm annually, we are able to negotiate on the total volume rather than the individual client volume.

The Net Result? We use the power of our multi-million dollar purchasing which, coupled with our constant and aggressive negotiating on behalf of the whole group, benefits each and every member. Not only do the pricing benefits benefit your profit margins but you also gain operational improvements in stock and services. From insurance to food, linens to chemicals …. let NPP negotiate constantly on your behalf.

Purchasing Process

By being part of the program, your purchasing are automatically provided to us by your vendors electronically. This allows us to maintain an active role in pricing and combo-purchasing deals to make the changes in the back of house, without impacting your purchasing managers. We are another purchasing manager but with national reach and exceptional buying power. Negotiate like the largest franchises and purchase like you are shopping at a discount warehouse WITHOUT the fulfillment house and using many of the same vendors.

Is the program expensive?

The program is designed to have no impact on your bottom line, the yearly fee is amortized until you receive the savings and can see the benefits. It does not remove any existing rebate or cash-back programs your restaurant operation may currently be subscribed to.




Contact NPP Savings

For more information on NPP Savings and to see the results your restaurant can expect from joining this program, please visit:


Our Partners

NPP Savings uses many of the same vendors and affiliates as you already order from. The process rarely requires a change in product.

Same Product : Lower Price


Purchasing Included

Cost Of Operations is more than food purchasing. NPP Savings provides access to deep discount pricing on not only food items but also:

  • Dry Goods

  • Beverages

  • Dishwashing

  • Linen

  • Pest Control

  • Insurance

  • Merchant Services
    and more....