This is an ad-hoc service of OnSite Consulting, for details of our full restaurant turnaround program please click here

Is your restaurant not profitable, under performing, insolvent and in distress? Do you need immediate restaurant help? Are you just not receiving the results you expected but know you have a winning concept? Are you mid build out of a new restaurant and recognize you may be in over your head without the skilled team that you can take you through opening and into profitability? Our company solves these issues daily across the United States, we understand the position you are in and we have the team to immediately resolve the issues.

We created an intensive program that involves off site research, onsite analysis and discussion combined with supported execution to provide restaurant owners access to our years of experience in concept positioning and restaurant turnaround within a very short time period. A restaurant intensive where before we even agree to the job we have already created the solution.

For our clients with restaurants that need expedited and intense assistance, OnSite offers a 5 day intensive onsite business turnaround to give your unit the road map to profitability and automated operations almost overnight. It is not quite that simple, but the results are always positive.

Recent Wins:

(Lexington, KY) Mid build out, this new full service location was over budget and missing the core elements of efficient design and operations. The owner needed an intensive program to get the build out back on track, identify errors with the design and create a program to ensure it opened into profitability. From staffing to reporting to inventory management to operations we completed a full scale plan and the steps required to execute it.

(Miami, FL) This new quick serve restaurant team had secured a lease and finished kitchen and architectural plans but recognized that they did not have sufficient experience to identify whether the plan was going to work in reality. In this intensive program we redesigned the concept from the ground up, created a kitchen plan that was focused on automation and built the menu model, price points, sequence and customer experience plan to ensure a quickserve that could open in a turnkey manner designed for growth.

(Austin, TX) This fast casual family owned restaurant was performing well with strong revenues and customer retention but the model was not delivering the product to the consumer in a profitable manner. With the marketing and customer acquisition program already showing strong results we spent our time going through the entire business operation with a fine tooth comb and developing a more efficient process for food ordering, production and delivery to the consumer. This new labor model, portion control and customer sequence delivered an overnight significant increase in employee efficiency. In addition we mined the existing data to understand where opportunities existed for link/side/up sell to increase transaction volume per customer without slowing down the customer interaction process.

The OnSite Limited Term Process:

  1. Provision of full financial information that our team reviews over a 10 day period to identify the failures and opportunities for turnaround.
  2. Discussion whether we can provide you the results we are looking for and what needs to occur prior to our arrival.
  3. 3-5 day onsite intensive with owners, managers and staff to implement and deploy the required changes.
  4. 10 hour boot camp days going over every aspect of the business and how to make it more efficient, automated and deliver a profitable customer every time.
  5. Offsite / Remote data management and viewing to start watching and analyzing the trends from the changes implemented.
  6. Weekly and Monthly data reports over a 6-month period to respond dynamically to any trends or KPI irregularities.
  7. 6 Month Site visit to audit and verify the unit is running according to expectations.

What can I really expect in just 3-5 days: Our limited term engagements have provided owners with the best investment they have made in their business. From controlling build out budgets and creating a profitable concept to restaurants who are on the brink of bankruptcy desperately needing a company to come in, identify and solve the problem.

The OnSite Limited Term Engagement provides our restaurant clients with the access to a company that has worked with 400+ units to create, turnaround and grow profitable restaurants. Giving ownership and operators the intensive course into profitable operations through developing a new concept or turning around a distressed concept.

The OnSite Team evaluates the data and requirements of the restaurant to determine whether the services we perform and the results you need can be met. A detailed plan of action and agenda is created and the team arrives to roadmap the implementation required to create your profitable restaurant.

This program is designed for operators who need the value of a company that understands the challenges and has mastered the steps of creating profitable restaurants with mitigated risk.

Before we accept any contract we require a period to fully evaluate the existing business or plan to ensure we can provide the ROI on our costs, complete or define the expectations of the contract and most importantly ensure we are the correct company for you. After reviewing all the data, we speak in detail via telephone to discuss our findings and then present a limited term contract and scheduled dates.

We expect full availability and access to information required for us to start building the plan and defining the agenda. From financials to schedules to reservation reports – the more data you can provide to us in advance the less time we spend on site trying to find it ourselves.

We expect ownership, management and other relevant personnel to be available based on the agenda determined so that we can hit the ground running. An open, honest and no sugar coating relationship. We are there to solve a problem and this requires everyone to be on the same page and ready to listen and evaluate the solutions on its merits based on our experience and expertise. A person designated as the “key individual” must be assigned to us during the entire duration.

With an understanding and visual of the location combined with the data provided with implement protocols to ensure we are constantly reviewing the data from your site and in constant communication regarding execution of the plans. Generally the first two weeks post visit, require a daily call or email and as the business evolves the communications required gradually reduce