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Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant Consultant OnSite Restaurant Consultant Division provides restaurant owners with the advice they need to create, reposition and reinvigorate their brands.
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Casino & Gaming Consultant

Casino ConsultantOnSite Casino Consultant Division provides customized gaming, customer aquisition, lodging and food & beverage with results that show on the bottom line.
Hotel and Leisure Consultant

HOTEL & LEISURE Consultant

Hotel ConsultantOnSite Hotel Consultant Division focuses on yield management, value add service opportunities and overall guest aqusition programs that increase the REVpar immediately.


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Americans continue to choose pizza at an impressive rate. According to Chicago-based research and consulting firm Technomic Inc., 41% of consumers polled said that they are now eating pizza once a week, compared to 26% only two years ago.


Franchising has changed dramatically over the last five years. There are more multi-unit and area developers, more high-tech ways to optimize sales and leaner and meaner corporations honed by the recession.


It’s not that the hoops weed out the under-performers, instead, they weed out companies who recognize that the value/time of preparing the document and follow-up work just doesn’t make sense.


More and more would-be operators and experienced restaurateurs opening additional locations are being offered the opportunity to be part of what’s called “The Agglomeration Effect”


Zarate spent $800,000 to open Picca, an upscale version of Peruvian cuisine with a Japanese edge, last August. The reviews were effusive. This year GQ Magazine named Picca one of the Ten Best New Restaurants in America.


A recent study shows that in rapidly increasing numbers, consumers of all ages are interacting with brands on social media, and that it is critical to business success:


Café gourmand—which translates as “gluttonous coffee”—has gone from an experiment at a restaurant chain to a national dish with its own cookbooks and contests


Many independents are juggling along, no profits, and counting pennies. They’re using tomorrow’s money to pay yesterday’s bills, and that drives closures.


When family comes in, they are getting either free food, a free item or a discount — it’s a fact. No employee is having their family come in and not treating them special. No employee is having their roommate come in and not hooking them up in some form

Restaurant Consultant


OnSite Consulting is a nationwide restaurant consulting, hospitality management and expert foodservice consultant to the Restaurant, Casino, Hotel and Food & Beverage Industry nationwide. Expert hospitality consultants whose results show on the bottom line.

We are the premier consultants called upon when you are building a new concept and need to launch into profitability, are considering growth opportunities or when your restaurant is underperforming and needs an emergency turnaround. With hundreds of success stories there is no situation we are not equipped to handle:

(1) New Concept Development & Launch

New operators seeking a consultant for feasibility studies, build out and creating an efficient, turnkey and profitable unit from day one.

(2) Developing & Growing an existing concept

Franchise, Licensing or Private Growth all require concept modification, legal support, documentation and a corporate and unit infrastructure to allow for replication whilst still maintaining the quality, service and customer experience.

(3) Turnaround & Concept Repositioning of under performing units

Providing debt workout, operational overhauls and bringing a distressed unit into expedited profitability whilst managing historic complications and imminent threats.

(4) Performance Consulting & Restaurant Science

Taking an existing unit and further pushing yield management to maximize the opportunity, operational efficiencies and deploying a Restaurant Revenue Management program to increase revenues and ultimately the bottom line.

In all cases, we implement immediate action plans to assist our clients with the hurdles they are facing and provide short, medium and long term strategies to create a viable, sustainable and profitable business, maximizing investor returns.

Our clients range across all sectors of the hospitality industry from celebrity chefs, boutique hotels and local card clubs to nationwide quickserves, shopping malls, hotel chains and Las Vegas casinos.

Our broad based industry expertise combined with our multidisciplinary skills have created results and a track record making us the leader in our field and best positioned to provide you the right answer, the first time.

Restaurant Consultant

Value Add Services

Leverage the expertise, knowledge and experience of our consultants, and network of affiliates to provide valuable advice, quickly.

In addition to our core services, OnSite provides a number of unique value add opportunities to our clients and partners, bespoke consultant services designed to provide the greatest results efficiently, professionally and in the most cost-effective manner.

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